Lilian Ptáček

Lilian Ptáček © 2023
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Nicotine stiff Prada dress
Collaborative installation with Coral Brookes, exhibited as part of Preswick II, Glasgow

Stand Tall Boghall
Permanent Public Artwork at Boghall Drop in Centre, commissioned by West Lothian Council
Collaborative project with Poppy Nash
Photography by Malcolm Cochraine

Unruly Methods
Collaborative project with Poppy Nash, commissioned by Stellar Quines Theatre Company to investigate activist clothing.

Say What I am Called
A collaborative project with George Ridgway, Bryony Rose, Frank Polatch, Lewis Prosser, Megan Jone, Lizzie Watts and Jessie Whiteley.

This project emerged from conversations from regular seminars which supported both individual and group development. The resulting outdoor exhibition drew on the paradoxical logic of medieval riddles, bringing together independent contributions like my screenprinted banners and co-created sculptures that functioned as watering systems, ramps and pathways.

Bart Waltz Collective
Since 2015 Bart Waltz have staged events spanning visual art, music and performance.
Frequent artists include George Ridgway, Bryony Rose, Elinor Stanley, Michael Sacco, Max Syed-Tollan, David Stobbart, Lizzie Watts and Jessie Whiteley.